Sunday, February 1, 2009

Welcome to my Graphic Design Blog!

I just know someone is going to see that I have a new blog and come over here to take a peek! ...Or maybe not! LOL!

My initial blog, "Sew Dear To Me," has become a mish mash (is that a word? I think I've been living in the South too long...), of my graphic design work and primitive art. Recently I decided I need to divide the two interests, particularly because I am giving some thought to opening a graphic design website in the future. Presently I offer Blog Banners, Logos for business websites, Newsletters, and/or eBay auction templates.

Today I created a new eBay account under the ID "adele*lark*vintagedesign." Probably a dumb move, because I will have to start all over with zero feedback, but in the long run, I may also look at opening an eBay store. It may be less expensive as far as the listing fees, but I need to do some further research.

As for the name on my blog banner ~ My real name is not "Adele Lark". The name originated after a lot of "free association" brainstorming! I began researching Victorian era names that appealed to me ~ Ettie, Nettie, Maddie, and Hettie, but somehow the name "Adele" came up. My mother's middle name is Adele! And since my journey into graphic design was on a whim, and I adore birds, I thought "Lark", then joined the two. Now that I think of it, it's sort of the same method I use when designing graphics. I didn't want to pigeon-hole my style, so "primitive," "attic," "trunk," or "parlor", etcetera, wasn't considered in choosing my new name, even though those words do convey the era I prefer to illustrate in my designs.

So! If you have some thoughts on what you'd like to see in future designs, drop me a quick line!

This is one of my very favorite vintage lady images...

'Til next time,


  1. Mary I love the new name and how it came to be! Just perfect. Your page looks great too!!


  2. Thanks my friends! Once I get this thing pulled together, I want to use this blog to post some freebie vintage images from my personal stuff. It just takes forever to scan things!


  3. We can take your company logo and your artwork and use them to design your colorful flying banners