Wednesday, February 4, 2009

NEW Vintage Easter Auction Template Listed

It took a little longer to build a new eBay template today ~ I've been doing research with Seller Sourcebook and the eBay Community discussion pages, as well as firing off comments to eBay, in an attempt to obtain some concrete information about when the listing page width is going to be changing. Seller Sourcebook responded almost immediately, advising that they do not know the date, but that eBay is going to be enforcing the width change at 900 pixels. In reviewing the new listing pages (you should have the option now to see the new design when you are looking at an auction), it scales out to be more like 920 pixels.

My new Easter template has been sized to the 920 pixel width, and whether you look at it in the new design page, or revert to the old one, the scale of it looks nice and it flows well. The biggest difference you will have is getting used to seeing all the "white space" on your computer screen. I don't know what eBay is up to with that, but I'm thinking we shall soon find out.

Here's the screenshot of the newest Easter template:

I've also added my eBay links in the column to your right, to make it easier for you to quickly find me.

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