Thursday, February 19, 2009

Working on New Designs Every Day!

Today I finally persuaded my sister to get a photo of her vintage lithograph print I have long admired. It's called "Fragrant Flowers," a "Litho in USA" by Morris & Bendien, Inc., New York. It's original owner must have loved it very much as well ~ it was professionally framed in Chicago, Illinois. Sissy emailed me the photo she took today, apologetically noting that there was a faint reflection of her hand in the yellow rose. I'll have to keep after her to get a better shot, but I did design a Logo around it today...

With signs of spring peeking out at my house (I found 2 crocus this past weekend!), I'm leaning toward the lighter, pastel, pretty colors when designing. Other inspiration includes my latest quilt magazine as well which features a new glorious line of RJR fabrics from Robyn Pandolph ~ "Sumptuous Living". No one does it better than Robyn! These prints are absolutely mouth watering, and I couldn't resist sending off for a jelly roll!

Image Courtesy Fat Quarter Shop

Hang on ~ Spring's coming!

'Til next time,

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